Russia, India, USA and Other Countries Are Concerned with Space Debris Problem

Opening of Inter-Agency Space Debris Coordination Committee (IADC) 28th session was held in Trivandrum, India. The main purpose of this organization is to develop the measures to ensure the space flight security in the conditions of technogenic space pollution of near-earth space and to develop the space debris mitigation measures.

ROSCOSMOS has delegated a group of specialists headed by Yuri Makarov to participate the session. Plenary session has been opened with welcoming speech of ISRO leaders and IADC delegations leaders.

Following speeches were made:

-First international space debris mitigation conference, NASA, USA

-Results of the conference on cessation of active functioning of geostationary satellites, CNES, France

-Licensing of national mechanisms of space activities - application practice as a space debris mitigation tool, British National Space Centre, UK

-Space objects monitoring and observation works realized by European Space Monitoring System, ESA

Space Debris Interagency Coordination Committee session will continue till March 12th.

Source: Roscosmos