Folksam and KPA supports KI research on age depression

The investment of six million is allocated to a research project which primarily aims to find new treatments to suit the elderly, especially those who suffer from depression in the context of retirement.

Population studies in Sweden and internationally shows that depression has become more common at higher ages. Up to 60-65 years of age are affected about five percent of depression. Around retirement has depressed the share had risen to 12-13 percent. Meanwhile, the depression treatment that currently exists for the elderly in particular drugs.

CI researchers to identify the prevalence of depression in Sweden in the age group 60-80 years. In addition, they make an in-depth study among seniors who are depressed or at risk for depression and offer talks that will lead to preventing depression and easing the transition to a life in retirement. The treatment used is called reminiscensterapi or Life Review Therapy, that is, therapy to regain the quality of life.

Folksam and KPA Pension's donation of six million are connected with the Karolinska Institute's 200th anniversary.

Source: Folksam and KPA Pension