02/28/2012 - 14:57

A biochemical process of adding a methyl group in the DNA which can be inherited is DNA methylation. Histone deacetylase inhibitors such as sulforaphane present in cruciferous vegetalbes are investigated as possible treatments for cancer. Oregon State University study found that these epigenetic mechanisms play similar role in restoring balance and preventing cancer development.

10/12/2011 - 10:20

New research has found that if you want some of the many health benefits associated with eating broccoli or other cruciferous vegetables, you need to eat the real thing – a key phytochemical in these vegetables is poorly absorbed and of far less value if taken as a supplement.

09/14/2010 - 23:00

Broccoli in the fight against osteoarthritis.a compound in broccoli called sulforaphane blocks the enzymes that cause joint destruction in osteoarthritis – the most common form of arthritis.