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Promiscuity rates overall were three times higher among species that show no social cooperation than in species where adult birds other than the parents help in raising chicks, for example by assistin
By feeding on tobacco leaves, the voracious caterpillars unintentionally transform plant substances into attractant signals that betray their location to their own natural enemies
Pathogens can actually delay their entry into cells to ensure their survival. Upon cell contact, bacteria trigger a local strengthening of the cellular skeleton with the aid of signalling molecules,
New computer algorithms that for the first time allow for the simultaneous modeling of the earths mantle flow, large-scale tectonic plate motions, and the behavior of individual fault zones, to prod
This mechanism for controlling altitude—in which the insects use their eyes to track horizontal edges in their environment—is very similar to the strategy insects use to steer left and right, the res
A unique experiment that forces bacteria into a head-to-head competition for evolutionary dominance has yielded new insights about the way Darwinian selection plays out at the molecular level. An exac
Multiview Video Coding (MVC) is the new standard for 3-D movie compression. While reducing the data significantly, MVC allows at the same time providing full high-resolution quality. At the Internatio
Researchers at New York University have developed an innovative way to look at the development of osteoarthritis in the knee joint—one that relies on the examination of sodium ions in cartilage.