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Heterogeneous Groups of Neurons Transmit Twice as Much Information as Homogeneous Groups. Diversity is critical to overall brain function and essential in how neurons process complex stimuli and code
In the Northeast, 26 cities broke their records for average temperature between March and August this year, reports the Northeast Regional Climate Center at Cornell.
A new geologic map of the moons Schrodinger basin paints an instant, camouflage-colored portrait of what a mash-up the moon's surface is after eons of violent events.
McGill University researchers provides evidence that cannabis may offer relief to patients suffering from chronic neuropathic pain.
Scientists at the Bernstein Center Freiburg propose a new theory about signal propagation in the brain
Decline may affect at-risk shorebirds. A distinct decline in horseshoe crab numbers has occurred that parallels climate change associated with the end of the last Ice Age,
Walking at ones own pace for 40 minutes three times a week can enhance the connectivity of important brain circuits, combat declines in brain function associated with aging and increase performance
Balaur bondoc used extendable claws to attack and tear apart prey