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If every bit of biomass that could be collected sustainably were converted to biochar and the gas produced in the conversion process used for energy, human-caused (anthropogenic) greenhouse gas emissi
Investigators describe a first step in developing new therapies for diabetes
Men who reach sexual maturity in a context where males outnumber females dont live as long as men whose numbers roughly equaled females and faced less competition for a mate.
Adding a direct acting anti-viral drug to the standard treatment regimen for hepatitis C significantly increases the cure rate in the most difficult to treat patients, according to a research report
Most weight loss programs try to motivate individuals with warnings of the long-term health consequences of obesity: increased risk for cancer, diabetes, hypertension, heart disease and asthma.
that tracking the locations of transposons in people with specific diseases might lead to the discovery of new disease genes or mutations. Team identified a near complete catalog of the DNA segments .

Developing the revolutionary new type of solar cell material that could be coated as a thin film on, windows in buildings to produce power on a large scale.

an energy-efficient, self-propelling mechanism already exists in nature. The salp, a smallish, barrel-shaped organism that resembles a kind of streamlined jellyfish, gets everything it needs from the