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New study shows they actually are constantly changing little worlds that can give birth to smaller asteroids that split off to start their own lives as they circle around the sun.
Star known as HD49933 is located 100 light years away from Earth. By monitoring the stars sound waves, the team has observed a magnetic cycle analogous to the suns solar cycle
Large changes in the suns energy output may drive fluctuations in Earths outer atmosphere
Smokers often wonder if smoking less might be safer for their health. The answer appears to be no. Occasional smoking, and even second-hand smoke, create biological changes that may increase the risks
unraveled the secrets of a much more rare phenomenon with potential therapeutic implications – disease-causing genes that show a high frequency of self-repair.
The transit signatures of two distinct planets were seen in the data for the sun-like star designated Kepler-9. The planets were named Kepler-9b and 9c.
Promiscuity rates overall were three times higher among species that show no social cooperation than in species where adult birds other than the parents help in raising chicks, for example by assistin
By feeding on tobacco leaves, the voracious caterpillars unintentionally transform plant substances into attractant signals that betray their location to their own natural enemies