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Pulsar timing observations allow a new way to estimate planet masses
Mutations in a single gene can cause several types of developmental brain abnormalities that experts have traditionally considered different disorders.
Women who report feeling stressed early in their monthly cycle were more likely than those who were less stressed to report more pronounced symptoms before and during menstruation, according to a stud

From a human health perspective, knows that what a mother does during pregnancy can have all sorts of effects on her baby

Scientists generally have to rely on ground measurements and then use mathematical models to extrapolate upwards when they need to create a picture of the global atmosphere
Researchers Find Widespread Floating Plastic Debris in the Western North Atlantic Ocean
Redox proxies, such as the ratio of chromium isotopes in banded iron formations or the ratio of isotopes in sulfide particles trapped in diamonds, tell geologists indirectly whether the Earths atmos
Breakthrough discovery enables nanoscale manipulation of the piezoelectric effect