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discovered mini-inflammations in the mucosa of the gut, which upset the sensitive balance of the bowel and are accompanied by sensitization of the enteric nervous system.irritable bowel syndrome
Otto Paul Hermann Diels and Kurt Alder were awarded the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 1950 for their discovery of the reaction that now bears their names. Sixty years later, the Diels-Alder belongs to t
Large Hadron Collider has mostly focused on the search for the mysterious Higgs Boson, the as yet undetected particle that scientists hope will reveal the secrets of the physical make-up of universe
Melanoma is one of the less common types of skin cancer but it accounts for the majority of the skin cancer deaths (about 75 percent). The five-year survival rate for early stage melanoma is very high
In a physiological environment, nanoparticles selectively absorb proteins to form nanoparticle-protein coronas, a process governed by molecular interactions between chemical groups on the nanopar
Courtship calls tell penguin females how fat a male is and what kind of father he'll be
When the body goes into flight-or-flight response as a reaction to stress, the increased firing rate of the SA node increases the heart rate and cardiac output to deliver more oxygen and nutrients t
Drugs encapsulated in new MIT nanoparticles can hitch a ride to tumors on the surface of immune-system cells. immune-cell therapy, doctors remove a type of immune cells called T cells from the patient