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Protein known as EphA2 as a highly selective marker for free-floating ovarian cancer cells. Dr. McDonald and his collaborators coated magnetic cobalt-iron oxide nanoparticles with a molecular mimic of
Ontario Lacus, the largest lake in the southern hemisphere of Saturn's moon Titan, turns out to be a perfect exotic vacation spot, provided you can handle the frosty, subzero temperatures and enjoy so
Changes in personality traits seen in patients taking the drug paroxetine (Paxil) may not be the result of the medication's lifting of mood but may instead be a direct effect of this class of drugs an
What do a trout, sea anemone, rooster, fly and man have in common? The gene, called Boule, is responsible for sperm production.
First study to link obesity and body shape to poorer brain function in older women. The message is obesity and a higher Body Mass Index (BMI) are not good for your cognition and your memory
A new, relatively low-cost virtual reality device that allows users not only to see a 3D image, but "feel" it, too. Used for visualize and manipulate a 3-D image of a person's brain taken from an MRI
Penn Researchers Reverse Cognitive Decline in Flies With Alzheimer's Gene Mutation
New method could lead to innovative clean energy and bioremediation technologies, and help explain how microbes shape Earth’s climate