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Researchers genetically engineer glow-in-the-dark sperm in fruit flies, revealing much more about sexual selection
the first gene (and its encoded protein) identified as central to the mitochrondrions uptake of calcium. The work appears in the August 8 advance online issue of Nature.
This latest advance enhances their fluormodule technology by causing it to glow an order of magnitude brighter than typical fluorescent proteins. The new fluoromodules are five - to seven-times bright
Advance in metamaterials leads to a new semiconductor laser suitable for security screening, chemical sensing and astronomy
Cancer can become dependant upon a tiny gene that allows it to adapt and proliferate. such an oncogene addiction within a tumor means that researchers have a potentially new and valuable therapeutic
A strong, stretchy material could provide a scaffold for growing organs or making wounds heal faster cells secrete fibronectin-a strong, stretchy type of protein that acts as a supportive scaffold
Green laser pointers have become a popular consumer item, delivering light thats brighter to the eye than red lasers, but stories have circulated on the Web about the potential hazards of inexpensive
Information systems and components are under attack throughout the supply chain from the design phase—including specification and acquisition of custom products—through disposal. Computer systems ar