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Ultrashort flashes of laser light to directly observe the movement of an atoms outer electrons for the first time through a process called attosecond absorption spectroscopy and timing oscillations

Certain proteins and genes with key roles in regenerating lost body parts. Environment also may be an important factor in regeneration. Certain chemicals in the amniotic fluid that cushions and protec
Analysis shows that, contrary to some claims, proposed legislation to limit carbon emissions would not disadvantage those with lower incomes.
Mixing of two types of magma key to understanding volcano is the key to the historic eruptions of Mount Hood, Oregon's tallest mountain, and that eruptions in short time, weeks or months, after mixing
Scientists report that viral infection of the heart is a predictor of heart transplant failure in young children and adolescents, although it can be detected by screening for viral genes and treated
Researchers have discovered a novel mechanism in Salmonella that affects its virulence and its susceptibility to antibiotics by changing its production of proteins in a previously unheard of manner.
Weight is set before birth in the developing brain.Why is it that two people can consume the same high fat, high-calorie Western diet and one becomes obese and prone to diabetes while the other
Lightning's connection to hurricane intensification has eluded researchers for decades, and for a riveting 40 days this summer, NASA lightning researchers will peer inside storms in a way they never