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How and why narcissists can influence creativity in groups and in the workplace. Narcissists convey more enthusiasm, confidence and charisma while they are selling their ideas to others.
Scientists have been trying for some 20 years to understand why the low temperature at which copper-oxide superconductors carry current with no resistance can’t be increased to be closer to room tempe
A subtle mutation affecting the epigenome, influence gene activity may lead to an inherited form of mental retardation, cleft palate and lip that affects boys: Children's Hospital Boston
A new milestone on the path to functional fibers: fibers that can detect and produce sound. Applications could include sensitive cloth microphones, for capturing speech or bodily functions, pressure
Discovery could lead to new drugs to fight Alzheimer's and other neurological diseases. Sirtuins can also boost memory and brainpower aiding Synaptic plasticity helps Parkinson's, Huntington's
Out of sight, whales cruise the Gulf of Mexico depths - their hidden world threatened by huge clots of drifting oil from the ruptured Deepwater Horizon well.