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Several lines of evidence support the idea that life originated with molecules that lay between mica sheets
the white powder is Sildenafil citrate, the chemical compound which forms the active ingredient of Viagra. Martyn Poliakoff- Research Professor of Chemistry at The University of Nottingham and intern
Graphene is a two-dimensional crystalline sheet of carbon atoms – meaning it is only one atom thick – through which electrons can race at nearly the speed of light – 100 times faster than they can mov
Daily physical exercise during adolescence decreases cocaine-seeking behavior in young adult rats. These results indicate that physical activity during adolescence may protect against cocaine abuse la
The common electroencephalography (EEG) test may hold the key to predicting whether a person will respond to certain prescribed drugs, particularly those related to psychiatric conditions.
University of Leicester has discovered that Saturns aurora, an ethereal ultraviolet glow which illuminates Saturns upper atmosphere near the poles, pulses roughly once per Saturnian day.
study spectra of Venus, the hottest planet in the Solar System, they run into a problem. Its high temperatures and pressures seriously affect the data.
a biosecurity system that can predict the potential for harm lurking within a snippet of DNA is so technologically distant that the concept is useless for practical purposes.