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The skins of unprocessed cassava roots actually contain sulfur-containing proteins that would help people who eat cassava metabolize cyanide in the root, but the skins are usually removed when the roo
A Palindrome-Mediated Recurrent Translocation with 3:1 Meiotic Nondisjunction. Sites, called palindromic AT-rich repeats (PATRRs) are sites at which DNA bends into fragile shapes called hairpins
UTMB and at UCLA has identified a molecule that's effective against some of the world’s most deadly viruses, including Ebola, HIV, influenza and more.

bioenergy and degrading biomass and converting that into biofuel, we would like to learn the most efficient ways of doing that from fungi, which have invented many ways of doing that in nature. Schizo

Studies have shown that these teens may suffer more psychological distress, victimization, physical threats and violence than heterosexual youth. Gay, lesbian and bisexual teens who conceal their

A new survey by NASA's Spitzer Space Telescope has turned up treasures aplenty in the outer regions of the Milky Way,
Researchers design a new version of cisplatin that spares the kidneys, letting doctors use higher doses. One of the first chemotherapy drugs lung, ovarian or breast cancer is cisplatin, kills tumor
Scientists have found two systems with pairs of gas giant planets locked in an orbital embrace. Dying star HD