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Cornell's Energy Materials Center have discovered a catalyst - platinum nanoparticles - that could make fuel cells more stable, longer lasting, and more resistant to carbon monoxide poisoning
Diabetics use human insulin produced in bacteria in order to treat their metabolic disorder. Many other genetically engineered proteins are also on the advance. They are being used for diagnosis as we
Variations in the Earth’s atmospheric oxygen levels are thought to be closely linked to the evolution of life, with strong feedbacks between uni- and multicellular life and oxygen. 400 million years
Nanomaterials in the Construction Industry: A Review of Their Applications and Environmental Health and Safety Considerations
Genetic Molecules Resist Chemical Stress, May Have Wider Roles. Pediatric researchers have discovered a new biological pathway in which small segments of RNA, called microRNA, help protect red blood
Using clouds of ultracold atoms MPQ-LMU team of scientists makes microwave fields visible.
Material that shows melting while cooling might someday lead to applications in solar cells and other devices
Future research could spin up new medical and materials breakthroughs based on silk, but obstacles remain in quest to replicate natural silk production, scientists say in this weeks edition Science