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Researchers have shown that an advanced cooling technology being developed for high-power electronics in military and automotive systems is capable of handling roughly 10 times the heat generated by

The two-year project will result in a detector array that can withstand the radiation in space, count individual photons or light pulses-thereby eliminating noise that could obscure the faint signal-a

Demonstration of precision DNA-based nanoassembly method could lead to advances in solar cells, optoelectronics, and biosensors
Engineers at NASAs John C. Stennis Space Center recently installed an Aerojet AJ26 rocket engine for qualification testing as part of a partnership that highlights the space agencys commitment to
Using mouse brain cells in a lab dish as well as whole animals, the researchers discovered that a protein, nuclear factor I-A (Nfia), is a central cog in a complex survival mechanism that preconditio
Researchers have developed a method to generate antibodies that attack a diverse array of influenza viruses in mice, ferrets and monkeys. The accomplishment points the way to a universal flu vaccine.
Lack of choline during pregnancy may lead to reduced blood vessel growth in the brain of the developing fetus, a new study in mice suggests. The finding adds the importance of choline in brain develop
progress toward a liver transplant substitute, researchers have made transplantable lung grafts for rats. The accomplishment could pave the way for the development of an engineered human lung.