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A major tumor suppressor protein (p53) that defends the body against severe cancer also pulses with similar alarm in healthy dividing cells, presumably in response to the fleeting nicks and dings in t

A gene that is essential for the physiologically correct disassembly of cilia. Errors in the regulation of cilia assembly are implicated in a variety of human syndromes.
Understanding the processes that cause volcanic eruptions can help scientists predict how often and how violently a volcano will erupt.
Induced pluripotent stem cells (iPS) cells retain a genetic memory of their tissue of origin. This memory impedes the transformation of iPS cells into other types of cells, George Q. Daley, HHMI
Researchers block stress responses in colon cancer surgery patients to save lives. Competent immune system critical in tumor removal. Stress response facilitate metastasis
Molecular link between obesity and insulin resistance, discovery raises possibility of safer, more selective diabetes drugs. Mechanism of Avandia and Actos could pave the way for improved medications
White roofs reflect far more of the sun’s heat than black ones, buildings with white roofs will stay cooler. If the building is air conditioned, less air conditioning will be required, thus saving ene