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White roofs reflect far more of the sun’s heat than black ones, buildings with white roofs will stay cooler. If the building is air conditioned, less air conditioning will be required, thus saving ene
A genetic clue uncovered by Dana-Farber Cancer Institute scientists enables doctors to predict, for the first time, which children with T-cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia (T-ALL) are unlikely to bene
MIT have developed a new technique that can analyze larvae in seconds. Zebra fish are useful for testing drugs that might cause liver damage, Alzhimers, ALS, Parkinsons

MIT researchers from the Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory have developed a control system that lets a foam glider land on a perch like a pet parakeet.

The core technology developed for NASAs Nebula cloud computing platform has been selected as a contributor for OpenStack, a newly-launched open source cloud computing initiative. It will pull togethe

A downward-pointing camera on the front-left side of NASAs Curiosity rover will give adventure fans worldwide an unprecedented sense of riding a spacecraft to a landing on Mars.

The treatment of diabetes was revolutionized in 1922 when insulin was isolated from dogs. Since then, significant advances in human medicine have made diabetes more manageable for patients. Now, human

A new vaccine-delivery patch based on hundreds of microscopic needles that dissolve into the skin could allow persons without medical training to painlessly administer vaccines - while providing impro